Work Health and Safety Policy

MEGC has a primary duty of care to provide a work environment without risks to health and safety, by providing adequate resources and safe systems of work, to ensure the health and safety of any person who may be affected by its operations.

This policy is MEGCs commitment to:

  • complying with the requirements of the Queensland work health and safety and electrical safety legislation and other requirements placed upon MEGC or to which MEGC subscribes
  • developing and implementing a risk management process and ensuring its consistency with the nature of the MEGCs workplace’s activities and scale of health and safety risks
  • establish measurable objectives and targets for health and safety to ensure continuous improvement aimed at elimination of work-related illness and injury
  • the provision of appropriate health and safety training to all employees 
  • the consultation process to ensure all workers are included in the decision making where there is an impact on workplace health and safety
  • the dissemination of health and safety information to all workers, contractors, suppliers and visitors to the workplace and designated event sites
  • effective implementation of the workplace health and safety policy

Workers and other persons are responsible for:

  • taking reasonable care for their own health and safety
  • ensuring that their activities do not adversely affect the health and safety of themselves or others
  • immediately reporting any incidents or anything that they believe to be unsafe
  • complying with all legislative and other health and safety requirements
  • complying with any reasonable instruction given by MEGC relating to health and safety
  • ensuring their qualifications, training and licensing requirements remain current

‘No task is more important than the health and safety of its workers and other people therefore work health and safety is everyone’s responsibility’

Jan McCormick
1 July 2021

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