15 February, 2021

Welcome back Indian Motorcycle! A Major Partner of Cooly Rocks On.

Indian Motorcyle

Major Events Gold Coast welcomes back Indian Motorcycle as a Major Partner of Cooly Rocks On.

After nearly a year of having all major events on hiatus due to covid-19 associated restrictions, it is just a little bit exciting to see more and more events filling up our personal must-attend calendars.

From Major Events Gold Coast’s perspective, it’s even more heartening to witness the appetite of brands and businesses wanting to leverage our events, to regain an emotional connection with engaged audiences. Digital marketing coupled with e-commerce certainly helped many brands survive or even thrive in 2020, but there is a real sense in the market now that in 2021, brands are ready to get out there again and connect!

One such brand that MEGC is delighted to have back on board for 2021, is Indian Motorcycle. An exciting new sponsor of the 2019 Cooly Rocks On, Indian was all set for a 2020 partnership, until the festival like others across the world, was sadly cancelled.

Indian was America’s first motorcycle company established in 1897 and had a long and proud history until the 1950s when there were several challenging changes in ownership and direction. In 2011 the company was thankfully acquired by Polaris Industries and since then, Indian Motorcycle has re-joined the trail blazed by the company’s early pioneers in the first half of the 20th century. The present-day Indian Motorcycle Company combines high-performing technological innovation, rewarding partnerships, and an ever-expanding line-up of authentic, iconic bikes.

Lisa Lees, General Manager, Marketing & Communications said

Indian is a picture-perfect partner for the 2021 Cooly Rocks On* which has evolved into Australia’s largest Rock ‘n’ Roll and nostalgia festival. A signature event on the Queensland calendar, the festival attracts thousands of Rock ‘n’ Roll and vintage car and bike enthusiasts looking to celebrate the music, memories and moments of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Having Indian and their premium American motorcycles on display at the festival is an added attraction for festivals fans to learn more about Indian and perhaps get up ‘close and personal’ for a photo opportunity with the iconic motorcycles.


Tom Mendey, Snr. Marketing Specialist, Indian Motorcycle, Australia & New Zealand added

Following a successful partnership in 2019, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Cooly Rocks On once again in 2021. Indian Motorcycle is America’s first motorcycle company and a brand that is vastly intertwined with American culture, history and its future. After a tough 2020, we’ve put the call out to our riders and will be hosting the 2021 Indian Motorcycle Riders Gathering in the heart of Australia’s largest celebration of Americana – providing the perfect backdrop for a celebration of our brand, our motorcycles and our riders. We’ll be returning with our multi-story Indian Motorcycle HQ and displaying the full range of Indian Motorcycles with genuine Indian Motorcycle apparel for sale. Plus, we’ll be unveiling a brand new Indian Motorcycle to the public! We can’t wait to see you there”


If you would like to make an enquiry about partnership opportunities with Major Events Gold Coast, drop us a line at marketing@majoreventsgc.com

* The 2021 Cooly Rocks On will be held June 9 – 13, 2021 in Coolangatta QLD and is proudly produced by Major Events Gold Coast.